A Mad Production is founded by award-winning filmmaker duo Ellen Andries (What! Graphics Studios) and Thomas Maddens (Epicity Pictures).

Ellen and Thomas are both creative people and their mutual passion for film brought them together.

They are eager to continue breaking the boundaries of filmmaking.

A Mad Production

is currently under construction.




Ellen Andries


+32 495 33 90 31

+1 917 602 7134


Thomas Maddens


+32 489 94 80 21

+1 646 309 2054

Showreel What! Graphics Studios

Ellen is the CEO of What! Graphics Studios, her expertise is motion and graphic design as well as

directing and producing.

Watch her showreel by clicking on the image.

Showreel Thomas Maddens 2011-2012

Thomas is a cinematographer, editor, director and documentarian. He is the CEO of Epicity Pictures

and freelances for Belgian and New York -based companies.

Watch his showreel by clicking on the image.

Lonely Eros

is the first film by A Mad Production. Click on the image to see the movie.

A Broken Man

A Broken Man

is the second film by A Mad Production which is currently in production.

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